Tsukamaki Service                                                                       

Two Moons Tsuka Restorations restores, repairs and wraps tsuka (sword handle) from antique tsuka to modern nihonto, iaito and shin-ken used for Iaido and other martial  arts.
We offer a tight and durable wrap for your katana, wakizashi or tanto tsuka carried out in the traditional way. We offer the same quality restoration as we do for our antique and fine art sword collector clients but at a price that is reasonable.
We here at Two Moons use traditional materials and techniques for all our wrapping, restorations and repairs even down to the kusune (pine resin and natane oil) and rice paste glues. The only exception is if the customer requests the modern alternative or if the tsuka needs a stronger glue to repair it, this would only be carried out under the customers direction. By using the most traditional materials and techniques as far as possible we try to give you back your tsuka the same as if it was done 200 years ago. We never just wrap a tsuka, we preserve and restore it!


 One of our aims is to never just wrap a tsuka, we offer to restore it using authentic material's and using traditional technique's.  

Custom Made Mekugi

 FREE Bamboo (susudake) & Hardwood mekugi with every restoration or wrap!

 Our Story

     Two moons Tsuka Restorations have been       wrapping and restoring tsuka for the antique  fine art  sword collector for a number of years.  we have built up a very good relationship with  customers and collectors in Italy and now here   in the UK. Because of   the change in business     we now restore, repair and wrap both antique                             and modern tsuka.
Over the last few years we have noticed the rise in practitioners of Iaido and other martial arts wanting their tsuka restored, customised and wrapped.
We know that Iaidoka and kendoka demand a very tight and durable wrap so they can practice
their  martial art correctly and safely. 

                        Customised Shinken

 We now offer  a customisation service so why not turn your modern shin-ken or iaito into something special by adding some period fittings or you may just want a change of fittings and theme.

Tsuka Wrapping Service
 Over the last 15 years as a  member of the UK To-Ken society we have built up an impressive resource  list. We work closely with some of the top dealers in the UK and across Europe, with contacts in Japan itself. If we cant find your    dream fuchi or kashira then we can put you in                         contact with the best                                 craftsman in the UK to get it made.                                                    

We use the best quality Japanese cotton & silk Ito on the market to wrap your tsuka, supplied to us from one of Japan leading suppliers.

                                 Saya Repair

We are now offering iaito and shinken saya repairs.
We fix the split and finish it with a copper or brass band that we make in a number of styles. Once the split it repaired the band will be made and fitted by placing it over the koiguchi.