The Swap Shop


This is a totally free service!

Items Being Added For September so Please email Us.

the swap shop is a place where the practitioners of sword related martial arts can buy, sell or swap sword related equipment that they no longer use. This service is for private individuals only and no dealers or suppliers are permitted to sell or advertise on this service. Two Moons Tsuka Restoration are only supplying a place for this service for 6 months and if its successful then the service will be moved to a forum with its own website and list of services. The  only reason why we are using Two Moons Tsuka Restorations website is only down to cost as its not cost affective to buy new domains for a service that is unsuccessful. This is a free service and Two Moons Tsuka Restoration will make no profit from it. Your details will only be used for the swap shop service and will not be used for any other Reason or service. You can request at any time for your details to be removed from the dater base and this will be done ASAP. Two Moons will only pass on the buyers details and will play no other part in the swap shop process. Because this is a new service we would like to hear your suggestions in making this service better and we would also ask to pass on the details of the service to your clubs, training partners and friends, the more people use the service the more items there will be. The only major rule is NO DEALERS OR RETAILERS. 

How To Use The Swap Shop.

  1. Register. 
       You register buy emailing us at with your name and user name (your choice) plus your contact details. Your name and contact details must be real. Also you must state that you agree to abide by the rules of the swap shop. We will email you back with confirmation that you've been added to the swap shop database and a user code that you will need in order to use the swap shop service.     

       To Sell.
       Email us a photo (max 2)on a plain background with a description of the item and weather you want to sell, swap or part exchange it. Your item will be added to service and issued an item code. Your item will be shown for 4 weeks or and till you request its removal. You can contact us at any time to update the details (price) ext. After the 4 weeks is up you can realist the item. You maybe contacted by us and requested to provide more details or a clearer photo of your item. 

         To Buy.

        If you see an item that you would like to buy or swap all you have to do is email us on the swap shop email address giving us your user details (user code) and the item code. when we receive this we will contact the seller and give them your contact details and they will the contact you directly.